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Ex jefe de policía PGJE de Tamaulipas en Miguel Alemán y sobrino de narcogober MCL admite que trabajaba para el CDG

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Ex jefe de policía PGJE de Tamaulipas en Miguel Alemán y sobrino de narcogober MCL admite que trabajaba para el CDG

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Former Tamps. police chief, cousin of ex-governor, admits to Gulf Cartel ties

Posted 2 hours ago | Jared Taylor | The Monitor

A former Tamaulipas police chief and cousin of the state’s former governor admitted to a drug conspiracy that smuggled Gulf Cartel pot into South Texas in a Washington, D.C. federal courtroom late last week.

Gilberto Lerma Plata, a former Tamaulipas police commander in Miguel Alemán and Reynosa, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import several tons of marijuana into the United States, the Justice Department said in a statement.

Lerma, 50, had been arrested on a federal indictment at the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge as he tried to enter the U.S. in April 2012. Federal investigators brought charges against him in July 2011, but the case was kept under seal.

“Using operatives such as former Mexican state police commander Gilberto Lerma Plata, the Gulf Cartel has smuggled huge amounts of dangerous drugs into the United States for far too long, while using violence, intimidation and public corruption to strengthen their ability to traffic drugs,” DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart said in a statement.

While under U.S. federal investigation, Lerma had been employed as commander of the Tamaulipas state police in Miguel Alemán, across the Rio Grande from Roma. He is the cousin of former Tamaulipas governor Manuel Cavazos Lerma, who served from 1993 to 1999 as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), and ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Mexican senate last year.

Federal authorities said Friday that Lerma was on the Gulf Cartel’s payroll while employed by the state police, using his position of authority to help smuggle drug loads.

Court records show agents intercepted cell phone conversations that revealed Lerma worked Gulf Cartel capo Samuel “Metro 3” Flores Borrego to move bulk quantities of marijuana across the border in 2007. Lerma’s defense lawyers filed a motion in January attempting to have the wire taps thrown out, saying they were performed by U.S. authorities on cell phone conversations in Mexico, which they say was not authorized by a federal judge. His defense also argued a wire tap to a San Antonio-based phone number that had no pen register — a judicial order granting a wire tap — attached to it.

Prosecutors said three witnesses could testify to conversations between Lerma and Flores, but U.S. District Judge Colleen Collar-Kotelly told the government to provide more details about what those witnesses specifically could verify and testify to that would prove the Gulf Cartel link.

The defense had filed a motion to dismiss in the case last month, arguing the government had no jurisdiction to prosecute the case from the District of Columbia. That motion was withdrawn last week, days ahead of Lerma’s guilty plea on Friday.

No sentencing date has been set in Lerma’s case. Federal prosecutors have said they would seek at least $1 million they say Lerma earned as a cartel member, though no formal paperwork to seize his assets has been filed in D.C. federal court.

The U.S. case against Lerma dates to 2006, though a report published four years earlier in El Universal newspaper said the police commander worked with the Gulf Cartel to share information on police locations and where they would be moving.

Lerma’s conviction marks the second Gulf Cartel member to be found guilty in a District of Columbia federal courtroom in the past week.

A jury convicted former Gulf Cartel plaza boss Aurelio “Yankee” Cano Flores, 40, on cocaine trafficking charges on Tuesday. The former boss of Los Guerra, near Miguel Alemán, was one of 19 people arrested by DEA agents in 2010.


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Re: Ex jefe de policía PGJE de Tamaulipas en Miguel Alemán y sobrino de narcogober MCL admite que trabajaba para el CDG

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Ojala y lo refundan y le quiten hasta el ultimo centavo por traidor y vendido.

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