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Barco Imponente Armada Rusa.


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Barco Imponente Armada Rusa.

Mensaje por asterix el 12/1/2013, 1:43 am

Que tipo, Cuanto desplazamiento, que armamento....???????

En cuanto lo venden....????? alabado

agrandar imagen para su comtemplación..... Shocked

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Mensajes : 15414

Re: Barco Imponente Armada Rusa.

Mensaje por asterix el 12/1/2013, 1:48 am

He Aquí la info:

Steregushchy class corvetteFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search
Steregushchy on the Neva in 2009
Class overview
Builders: Severnaya, St. Petersburg
Komsomolsk Shipyard
Operators: Russian Navy
Algerian National Navy
Preceded by: Grisha class corvette
Succeeded by: Gremyashchy class corvette
Subclasses: Project 2038.2 Tigr (export)
Project 2038.5 (domestic)
Cost: US$120-150m (est. for Tigr)
Built: 2001 - current
In service: 2007 - current
Building: 3
Completed: 3
Active: 2
General characteristics
Class & type: FFGHM
Type: Project 2038.0
Displacement: 1,800-2,200 tons[1]
Length: 343 ft (104.5 m)[1]
Beam: 38 ft (11.6 m)[1]
Draught: 12 ft (3.7 m)[1]
Installed power: AC 380/220V, 50 Hz, 4x630 kw diesel genset
Propulsion: 2 shaft CODAD, 4 Kolomna 16D49 diesels 23,664 hp (17.6 MW)[1]
Speed: 27 knots[1]
Range: 3,800 nm at 14 knots[1]
Endurance: 15 days
Complement: 90
Sensors and
processing systems: Air search radar: Furke-E 3D, E/F band
Surface search radar: Granit Central Scientific Institute Garpun-B/3Ts-25E/PLANK SHAVE radar
Monument targeting radar
Fire control radar: Ratep 5P-10E Puma for A-190
Sonar: Zarya-ME suite, bow mounted. Vinyetka low frequency active/passive towed array

Navigation: GORIZONT-25 integrated navigation system
Electronic warfare
& decoys: TK-25E-5 ECM, 4 x PK-10 decoy
Armament: 1 x Arsenal A-190 100mm
2 x MTPU pedestal machine gun 14.5 mm
1 x Kashtan CIWS-M CADS or
12x Redut VLS cells
2 x AK-630М CIWS
1x8 VL Kh-35 missiles

2x4 330mm torpedo tubes (for Paket-NK)
Aircraft carried: Hangar for Ka-27 Helicopter

The Steregushchy class (Russian: стерегущий – "vigilant") is the newest class of corvette in the Russian Navy. It was designed by the Almaz Central Marine Design bureau. The first two were designated Project 2038.0 (or 20380) by the Russian Government; subsequent vessels were built to an improved design, Project 20385.[2] At 2,200 tons it is large for a corvette and is designated as a frigate by NATO.[1] Project 20382 "Tigr" is an export variant that has been ordered by Algeria

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